Murder On The Third Floor

Just to warn you, this post is going to be a let-down. For starters, there isn’t a murder on the third floor – I just like the dramatic title. I couldn’t resist!

At my school there are five floors. On the ground floor is the office, toilets and the design and technology classrooms. On the first floor are more classrooms, and on the second floor are, well, even more classrooms. Right at the top on the fourth floor are all the art and design classes, but the third floor is nothing like all the others. Firstly, whenever we walk past it on our way to art, and look through the long windows in the doors, all we see is darkness. Absolute pitch black darkness.

And secondly, the teachers hardly ever mention it. They never say, “Oh, her classroom is on the third floor – yes, yes, at the end of the corridor,” or chat about how the windows on the third floor are always open, and whenever they go up there it’s freezing. No one knows why they don’t talk about it. Maybe there aren’t any classrooms on the third floor at all. But why would someone waste a whole floor? Why not build a gigantic indoor swimming pool or a massive library with all the books in the world? Or just MORE classrooms? (Though we already have plenty).

And lastly, occasionally someone does got to the third floor. Every so often there is a notice in tutor that reads something like this:

Matthew Lamppost and Amy Umbrella-teapot, please report to room twenty-six on the third floor at 8:50, period one, to meet Mr. Trifle to talk about music lessons.

Or something like that. Which is very strange. (By the way, people aren’t actually called Matthew Lamppost and Amy Umbrella-teapot and Mr. Trifle at my school. I just couldn’t think up names off the top of my head.)

So sometimes people go up to the third floor, and in some kind of horror story, of course the chapter would end like this:

… and so Sally went to the third floor on Tuesday afternoon, all by her self, but she never came back!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Sally was NEVER SEEN AGAIN. 😱

However, I do not write horror stories. And don’t worry, Sally was seen again the next morning eating Cheerios in her stripy pyjamas.

These people who go to the third floor do come back, and of course there are rumours of what they have seen up there, but if you believe rumours you’ll end up skipping school on Thursday because you’ve heard that a race of ferocious hippo aliens are coming to pulverise the school.

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