The Mysterious Case Of The Empty Classroom

This is another story about my friend🦉. It was Wednesday morning, and I was in a good mood. I don’t know why.

On Wednesdays🦉 and I have a club before school in the music room, so we had missed tutor time. We were coming down the stairs to DT, chatting away about random things like bananas and marmite. I HATE marmite, but would eat 20 bananas in one go if I could. The very first (and very last) time I tried it, I felt like being sick. 🦉, however, does not agree. She loves it. And hates bananas.

So we got to the DT class room, and right from the start we suspected something was up, because there is usually a gaggle of children outside the classroom waiting to go in. Now, on the other hand, there was not.

“That’s weird.” I said to 🦉 nervously. “There’s no one here.”

“We’re probably just early,” 🦉 said, the sensible one as usual. My mind had been wandering to strange kidnappers and missing children, but she was right. We were most likely just early.

When the teacher came towards us and let us into the classroom, I breathed a sigh of relief. She hadn’t turned into a creepy zombie and eaten our whole class. Phew.

But after ten minutes of waiting for the rest of the class, I was starting to worry. Even🦉looked uncertain. The DT teacher came over and plonked a huge pile of school books on the table next to us to be put out on the desks. I handed🦉a stack of books, and taking some for myself too, looked at the name scrawled on the book at the top of the pile. Hmmm. There was a small problem. How were we supposed to know where anyone sat? I mean, I had never actually looked round the classroom and memorised where everyone was sitting. Who would, anyway?

It seemed🦉had encountered the same problem. She was wandering round and round the classroom and hadn’t put down a single book.

“Hey, do you know where anyone sits?” 🦉asked me in a whisper. I shook my head.

“What do we do then?” said🦉. I shrugged.

So we flicked through all the books, and once or twice we did remember where someone or other sat, but by the end of ten minutes the only books handed out were mine, 🦉’s and a couple of other random ones. I glanced out of the window anxiously. There was still no sign of the rest of the class. This was getting scary. Maybe the teacher was a zombie after all. This really was a mysterious mystery.

My theories were:

  1. The teacher was a zombie kidnapper, as I mentioned before.
  2. Everyone in our class but us thought that it was don’t-go-to-school day.
  3. It was actually the weekend and we had got the wrong day.
  4. Our classmates were here already but had turned invisible accidentally and we just couldn’t see them.

Most of these theories were probably pretty unlikely, though.

“Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.” Said the DT teacher. “I’m supposed to be in assembly!” She opened the classroom door and was about to rush off to the assembly we didn’t know about, before she remembered we existed.

“Oh, girls, come with me.”

We did.

It turned out that every single year seven was in assembly, so of course no one had come to class. It seemed that I was not such a good detective after all: this solution had not been on my list of theories.

By the time we got to the assembly hall, there was literally no point in us even going. There was a man at the front wearing a black t-shirt and as we sat down in our seats beside all the other year sevens (who were all looking slightly bored), he said:

“So, you will be all receiving an email from your school librarian in case you wanted to enter the competition.” The man smiled and walked out of the room.

What competition?!

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