My friend🦉

My friend (let’s just call them🦉) gave me the idea to write this post. I was stuck for an idea, so I said to🦉, “Got any ideas for what I should write about?”

And🦉says, “How about listing what things to pack in your school bag?” which is a pretty good idea, so I go off to write the post. (Though before I do that, I have to get a scrap of paper to write down the idea so I don’t forget it on the way downstairs – I have a terrible memory.)

So, here is the post, which I will dedicate to🦉.

What to pack in a school bag: /satchel/backpack/handbag?/any other type of thing to carry school stuff

Ok, that’s way too long. How about:

What to pack in a school bag:

Yep, that’s much better.

What to pack in a school bag:

  1. Pens and pencils:✒️✏️ Well, obviously, but I just thought I should mention it. You might want to pack a few of each just in case there is a drastic stationary emergency, like an annoying classmate stealing your pencil to throw at another equally annoying classmate.
  2. Tissues: 🤧 This is very important. Even if they’re not for you. I have been in the situation many times where my nose is dripping like a fountain, and I am becoming more and more desperate as the snot builds up, but luckily, I am saved by someone else’s tissue packet!
  3. Water:🚰 Especially on PE days, you should definitely bring a full water bottle to school. Dehydration makes you tired and you might find it hard to concentrate. Before you put your water bottle in a bag with all your school books in, check that it doesn’t leak by shaking it and turning it upside down over a sink. Otherwise, there may be a horrible disaster in which your school books are completely ruined. Try to bring a reusable water bottle that can be refilled throughout the day. Chilly’s bottles are a good water bottle brand, and their bottles will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12. Plus, they look nice.
  4. A notebook: 📔 Small, light notebooks are best as they won’t weigh you down. During the day you might want to jot down things like homework assignments, reminders, or in my case, blog post ideas!
  5. Hairbands/clips: 🎀 If you have long hair, it is a good idea to be prepared with hairbands. For instance, they come in handy if you are doing something messy like art (or rugby!), and you don’t want any paint or dirt to get your hair.
  6. Spare socks: 🧦 Don’t worry, if you look in my school bag now you won’t find a a pile of stinky socks. I just mean that if you are expecting to get muddy or something, like if you are doing outdoor PE, then you might want clean socks to put on after.
  7. Snacks: 🍉 I usually pack a small-ish snack for break/lunchtimes. I get very hungry. Seriously. If I get too hungry while I am writing this then I will have to eat the computer.
  8. Sellotape: Sellotape can come in very handy. For example, it is essential in the case of a broken school book (that has been ripped because you were in a rush to get to history and all your books were out of your bag). This may or may not have happened to me a couple (ok, a few) times before. Though it probably doesn’t happen to anyone else. I’m a very clumsy person.

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