Bad Beds For Lazy People

Good morning. No, sorry, that’s a weird way to start. I should say good evening. Or night. Or afternoon. I don’t know. Can I start again? OK. I’ll just say hi instead.

Hi. This blog post is going to be about my routine at home now that school has shut. If you haven’t read my post on school closing, then I would read it now if I were you. It’s very good, if you don’t mind my saying.

So, school closed. And now, I have to get into a whole new routine, which is rather annoying. Here is what I do:

  1. Get out of bed. πŸ› This usually happens at around seven now that I don’t have to go to school, unless I am feeling particularly lazy. I don’t like getting out of bed. If only my bed wasn’t so warm and comfy, and more cold and uncomfortable, then I wouldn’t mind at all. That’s a good idea, actually. Bad beds for lazy people.
  2. Eat breakfast. πŸ₯£ While I eat my breakfast (normally Weetabix and banana), we watch some kind of ‘educational’ video. Usually something boring, like ‘types of rain – a fascinating explanation’ (not) or ‘the right way to water flowers’. But when it’s me and my sister’s turn to chose the video, we start to stretch the definition of ‘educational’. This morning, for instance, we watched a stop-motion animation where someone cooks lego waffles. Very educational.
  3. Do my violin practise. 🎻 This is not one of my favourite parts of the day. I love being able to play the violin, but it’s very irritating to have to practise every single day.
  4. Get dressed. πŸ‘š I can wear pretty much anything now that we can’t go to school, which is fun. No more tight tights or itchy jumpers! I could even wear my pyjamas if I wanted to. (Don’t worry, I won’t.)
  5. Do an online meditation.πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ This only works well if you have good internet connection. If you don’t, sometimes the instructor’s voice can go all weird and robotic and the screen can go blurred and fuzzy. I do this using ‘Zoom’, which is kind of like doing FaceTime, except you can mute and unmute and do recordings and stuff. This only takes about five minutes and is very relaxing – I would definitely recommend a morning meditation!
  6. Do ‘PE with Joe’. πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™€οΈ This is an online PE lesson with Joe Wicks. It starts at 9:00am every weekday, and lasts half an hour. It is very fun, but it’s also VERY tiring. Very VERY tiring. The first time I did it my legs ached for three days. Still, if you have to stay inside most of the day, it’s a good way to get some exercise, and if you do it regularly it will keep you very fit. (And very tired.) All you need is an empty room with space to move around, and a computer or phone to watch the instruction video on.
  7. Eat a banana. 🍌 No, I’m not joking. I really do need to eat a banana after PE. I don’t feel any less exhausted until after I have one. Seriously. It helps.
  8. Start on my school work. πŸ’» This is the time I try to get as much work done as possible. Usually, I manage to get through two lessons out of the five that I have to do before I need a break. During the break, I usually slurp down a cup of tea or milk and then lie in the garden or read for a bit. School work is especially bad at home, as while I do my maths questions and slave over six-figure grid co-ordinates, my lucky lucky sister gets to do absolutely anything she pleases. How unfair.
  9. Do more school work. πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Yes, more. Unless I feel particularly like doing extra work (which by the way has never happened and probably never will) I will get one more lesson done before lunch.
  10. Eat lunch. πŸ₯™ Lunch usually consists of the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, and anything edible that can be found in the fridge.
  11. (Hopefully) Finish my schoolwork. πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» On most days, I finish all my school work after I’ve eaten lunch. Once I complete all my lessons, this gets rid of a few of the endless mound of emails that keeps piling up throughout the day. But still, I am sent more and more and more and more and more and more and I could go on forever but I won’t because you’ll get bored and I’m getting tired so now I’ll stop.

After this, I get to do mostly anything for the rest of the day. Everything of course except crazy things like riding a bright blue seven-legged unicorn to Spain and back.

See you next time! πŸ‘‹

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