The Spot

This post will be split into chapters to explain the story of The Spot. There will be five chapters in the story.

Chapter One

One morning (I think it was a Tuesday) I woke up and there was an annoying itchy stinging feeling on my chin. I yawned and reached to scratch my chin, but instead of finding the chin that I usually woke up to, I found a chin with a lump on. No, not a lump, a spot. It felt giant, like it was covering the entire bottom half of my face. I resisted the urge to scratch it, and got out of bed. I looked in the mirror – it wasn’t all that big – but it was very red and very painful.

Grimacing, I went downstairs to have breakfast. All that morning, I tried to ignore The Spot. But of course it is hard to ignore a painful red itchy thing stuck on your face.

Chapter Two

“What even is this?”

I stared down at my school lunch disdainfully.

“I have no idea.”

It was lunchtime and The Spot was still there. And still hurting. I had survived the morning by distracting myself with work, but now it was lunchtime, and although it didn’t look so bad now, The Spot still stung. Finishing my main course (which me and my friends thought was some kind of omelette), I picked up my apple. I looked at the apple. The apple obviously didn’t look at me back because apples don’t have eyes. At least the ones I eat don’t. Anyway, I took a big bite of the apple. And you know when you’re eating a really big hard apple and sometimes you have to kind of pull it when you’re taking a bite to get a bit loose? Well, that happened to me. Except, in the process of doing this, I scratched my chin accidentally. Right where The Spot was. It actually came off.

Chapter Three

By the time Tuesday was over, The Spot had grown back to how it was before. Being scratched off had not made it any better, as you might have guessed.

The next morning, I showed The Spot to my mum. She nodded, and looked closer.

“Hmmmm….” She said. “Does it hurt?” I nodded emphatically, thinking of all the painful hours I’d spent at school.

“I guess you could rub it gently with a flannel to clean the pus off.” She suggested. This time I shook my head.

“No way! It would hurt!”

“Ok, just leave it alone then. I’m sure it will go away soon.”

I looked at the girl in the mirror. The girl in the mirror looked at me. I couldn’t bear this much longer.

Chapter Four

It had been two days since The Spot had first appeared. It didn’t hurt any more or less, but it was still there.

I felt my chin. Yep. There was still a big red lumpy irritating thing stuck on my face. But then suddenly, it wasn’t lumpy any more. It was, well… melting.

“Mummy! my face is melting!!!!”

It was literally turning into liquid. The Spot was now pus. Sticky, icky, pus. On my face.


My mum rushed into view.

“The Spot is melting!” I cried.

She smiled. She came over and inspected The Spot. It was now a messy splatter of pus on my chin.

“Don’t worry, just leave it alone and it will soon go away.”

Chapter Five

And it did. By the next day it was just a small red mark below my bottom lip. I woke up, my hand automatically reaching to scratch the place where The Spot had been. But my face didn’t hurt at all, and there was nothing to scratch. Instead I felt an empty chin, clear of spots. Pain-free. And I was really, really relieved. I had defeated The Spot. It had finally left for good.


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