We Get A Sort-Of Holiday

I say sort-of because it’s not a real holiday. Not for me anyway.

The school shut down last Friday because of the Coronavirus, which is good in a way, because, well, you know, who doesn’t want time off school for who knows how long? But the thing is, it’s basically going to be school, but at home – with no friends whatsoever. So it has a bad side as well. I mean, you’d think they’d give us a break, considering the situation, but nooooooooooooooo. No, they decided that they had to email us five hours of boring schoolwork everyday. Of course.

On Monday morning, I opened the computer. I opened the computer, and my brain exploded. There were a million billion trillion gazillion emails for me. All stuffed with school work. Maths work. French work. English. History. Geography. Science. PSHE. More science. Music. More maths. PE. Design and technology. When would it END?!?!??!

I scrolled down,

and down

and down

and down

and down

and down

and down. And there were still more emails.

I shut the computer. I took a deep breath.

And then I opened it, diving into a sea of area and perimeter maths sheets and videos on the Dark Ages. I got tangled in between french tests and science diagrams. I got lost under maps of Spain and stranded on top of Shakespeare scripts and DT safety booklets. I was stuck in a bottomless pit of school work.


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