My Teacher Tells Us His Life Story

Some teachers can be very weird. My teachers are. Maybe it’s because of all the work they have to do. I don’t really know. But I am going to tell you about one teacher in particular.

Whenever we have a geography lesson, we begin learning about a totally normal topic, that you would absolutely expect to be learning about in this lesson. For example… weather. Or types of soil. Or mountain ranges.

But halfway through the lesson, we start to slip off topic. We slide away from weather and mountains, and onto strange subjects that always seem to include talking about my teacher. His life; his house; his family; his hobbies – even what he had for breakfast. Once our lesson was meant to be on economy sectors, for instance. And that’s how the lesson started off. Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, bla bla bla bla statistics bla.

Then, we seem to end up talking about my geography teacher’s new foldable bike. He tells us all about where he bought it, and how much he spent on it. How he saved £17.37 by using a bike voucher he had cut out of the newspaper. How he had gone to his favourite sports equipment shop to buy the helmet even though it was an hour’s bus ride away. How he had bought one and it didn’t work properly. How he had bought another and it had been fine.

How did that happen? I don’t know. When did that happen? I don’t know that either. And after that, without anyone noticing, he subtly steers the conversation to something else. Every house he’s ever lived in. What he wants to do after work. (Rollerblading, apparently.)

I told you teachers were weird.

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